Sunday, 7 October 2012

skulls versus skills

This post is brought to you by the letter 'E' for effort, 'S' for skill, 'H' for hours of work and 'R' for repeated goes at getting this bloody thing right...

A cover for an eReader was requested by the lovely Miss Blue Lambb - she wanted something that could be closed over the reader, with elastic straps for the reader to slot into - so...

A pair of fabric pieces stitched together with the elastic between then, then quilted onto the matching lining piece, then quilt the outside piece onto the quilted calico inner liner, then add in a magnetic clasp, then make a strap, adding in the other piece of the magnetic clasp, stitch that onto the back of the cover, then stitch the lining and outer cover together... turn it all outside, topstitch it all to close the turning hole and ...

Now.  Did I mention that I had to make it twice?  I cut it out to the size of the measurements Miss BlueLamb gave me, then realised that it would be too small once it was made - so I made a pouch for her out of the leftovers...

In other news of unparalleled excitement, I've given up my day off once a fortnight, and now I'm working one day a week from home - apparently... so far it's only happened once in the last two weeks, but I'm making damn sure it's going to happen from now on.  

One of my colleagues is making me a little crazy, but I'm working on that... and I've been getting a bit of sleep, which is nice - and given that my colleague is making me crazy, it's probably just as well.

And now, back to old episodes of The Guardian.  Ciao!


  1. Took me a second to realise you meant Simon Baker, not the broadsheet newspaper...

    Nice job - that's quite a bit of thinking in that thing. Is magnetic allowed with these kindley tablet thingos? I'm a bit afriad of magnetic snaps, after I had my debit card rendered useless by a wallet with one, not once but 4 times, before we figure that was the problem!

    1. You know what, AJ? I'm horrified I didn't consider that. What if it goes nuts and wipes all her books? Bloody hell. I might have to make another one with ribbons or something. Agggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Well don't get tooo worried at this point as don't those I-devices have magnetic cover thingies? And I'm sure you could check the kindle manual.... now available in paperback ! MBF


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