Tuesday, 11 February 2014

And it rained and rained and...

Well, it has been a little damp, that's for sure. We haven't let it stop us from doing stuff, but there are some sick people around us who haven't been that careful about covering their orifices when they sneeze & cough, and so I now have a sore throat, butg hey? Aperol spritz at 3.00pm will fix a lot of things...

On Friday Mr G and I joined some other intrepid souls at the Vatican Museum at 0800 for our 4 hour guided tour - hilariously there were some groups who came through right behind us who had allocated 30 minutes to do these whole museum, and one day to do Rome. We're on our 4th visit and every single time we find different things to do - admittedly there are some things worth doing more than once, like the Pantheon, especially if it wasn't raining through the nine-metre hole in the roof on the  previous visit, but really - one day? No way!

Anyway, on Saturday we gave the knees a workout at the Colosseum - yes, 2nd visit, but this time with a tour of the underground, and access to the highest levels, both of which are not generally accessible.

And then yesterday, after an excellent lunch of rigatoni with veal sauce across the River in Trastevere, we did this:

Calcio. I may never be able to look my ladies literature and sewing circle in the eye again.

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