Saturday, 8 February 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...

So, it's been raining here quite a bit, and so on Tuesday we went out to buy Mr G a raincoat. We tried Superdry, but although the boys were very helpful, he didn't really like the idea of being a walking advertisement for a coat company, and so we walked up the road a bit to a more sedate menswear store.  In true Italian style, the shop assistant sized him up immediately, and bought out three possibilities, all of which were acceptable to me.  For Eu85, we got something that would easily have been $250 at home.  

Then we did the really exciting part, and went to Piazza Colonna, and bought tickets to watch Lazio play AS Roma on Sunday (this is soccer/football/calcio we're talking about here) - and I know some of you are looking at each other going "Really?  You're going to a football match?"  Yes, Gentle Reader, I am.  I am well prepared, with gloves, a beanie, scarf, camera and the most important part - ear plugs.  

Anyway, Mr Golightly used to play, and then referee, and so he was pretty excited at the prospect of being able to watch two top class sides in the local derby, so who was I to say "No"?

Then we got really wild, and got on the 281 bus, which goes out to the Stadio Olympico, where the match will be held on Sunday, so we could make sure we allow enough time to get out there, find our seats & not miss a minute...

This stadium was started by Mussolini in the 1920's, but not completed until after WWII - and used for the 1960 Rome Olympics...

And then, Gentle Readers, we went really wild and came back again.  Phew.  The glamour.

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