Thursday, 27 February 2014

Peace, man

And then we came back to Rome, ate well, slept a bit and walked up to see the Ara Pacis, a piece of Roman history resurrected by Mussolini in the 1930's as a propaganda exercise - but originally created by the first emperor to be named "Augustus", over 2000 years ago as a monument to peace.

It was obviously fascinating:

But there was an exhibition of Impressionist art on in the lower gallery which might account for the levels of excitement... needless to say I didn't bother trying to get Mr Golightly to go along... it was enough of a strain for him to go to the Cheapside Hoard exhibition (which he amusingly kept referring to as the Cheapside Whore), and I didn't want to push it...

I thought it was extraordinarily beautiful:

and nearly best of all - it had seats!!

Afterwards we went for a wander through parts of Rome we hadn't seen before:

and I spotted my new winter coat (not!) in a window [excuse the blurry photo, I was trying to be discrete])...

I love Rome.

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