Thursday, 27 February 2014

Turin around...

Then we came back to Italy, and wandered round other bits of the countryside for our last few days. Turin is one of the most beautiful cities I've been to - laid out in a grid, very Parisian in style - with some very interesting sights:

and a fabulous Egyptian museum:

And of course, the Shroud.  Well, the Church with the room with the cover over the box with the case in a chest... and no photos.  Unless you're one of those functionally illiterate travellers who can't translate pictograms that look like this:

And there were some...

Hmm.  There was also fabulous street life:

And wonderful art and architecture:



and they have trams!  A fabulous network of trams that run right through the city - for €1.50, you can ride the trams for 100 minutes, or for €5.00, you can ride all day, round and round and round... surprisingly, for the home of European chocolate manufacture, we didn't buy any, and we didn't bring any Fiat memorabilia home with us either.  What were we thinking???

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